About Us

The President Message

    Fidenko Ltd has been established since 2000 and is a rapidly expanding, successful company that has gone from strength to strength due to our flexible approach to accommodate all different kinds of customer set-ups. 

We have proven that our flexibility and excellent customer service has been the key to our ongoing success in a very competitive marketplace.

    We can offer third party repair and overhaul management service with extremely competitive labour rates due to the volume of work and close working relationships we have with USA/European workshops.

   Fidenko Ltd is a forward thinking, professional company catering for all aircraft needs.

Company Details

     Noting the civil aviation sector is one of today's fastest-growing. Future in Civil Aviation 20 per annum; 34 more than a thousand new aircraft production is being planned, the number of airline passengers is expected to grow 4.1%. However, the global airline traffic %5 and the rate of increase in global air cargo traffic %5,2 is expected to grow by.

    In parallel, the noteworthy increase in the Turkish Defense and Aerospace industry exports. 2013 In the January-August period, 872 Export volume of $ million, 2014 In the January-August period, 1 billion 51 million 525 percent rise thousand dollars 21 increased. These data showed that 2016 year the Turkish Defense and Aerospace industry exports 2 It is envisaged as a billion dollars. Target set by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, 2023 In 25 billion is to reach the export level.